please move your mouse back and forth over the above image for the before and after!

there are lots of cooks in the kitchen this week
at kim klassen's photoshop test kitchen
whipping up all sorts of

it is a challenge.

each member offers a sooc (straight out of camera) image
to the test kitchen flickr pool.

each member then choses one image, other than their own, to 'play' with
... to enchance, alter, make artful using texture and sometimes text!


as soon as i saw these happy little pansy faces,
submitted by jillsy girl,  i knew this was the image for me ...
but, it isn't all that easy to 'cook in someone else's kitchen'
pretty hard to improve on a dish like this!
i mean, look at how wonderfully vivid jill's image is!
remember to mouse over above image to see her original

i knew i wasn't going to be enhancing it in any way,
so i decided to soften and go with a watercolour feel ...
and a touch of music
because these pretties love to dance
in the slightest of breeze ... : )

let me share the recipe with you:


:: jillsy girl's pretty pansy photo
:: kim klassen texture
this is one of kim's very first textures, before she was naming them!
:: an image i took of our son's piano sheet music
:: kim klassen's uncle clarence texture


:: background image - perfect as is - no adjustments

:: add kim klassen texture - color blending - 100%
add layer mask - soft brush three focal point pansy faces
and very softly brush background pansy faces and greenery

:: add a portion of sheet music image - soft light - 100%
add layer mask - soft brush the same areas as with texture layer

:: add kim klassen uncle clarence texture - soft light - 100%
i chose to use only the top left corner of this texture, leaving it quite large
add layer mask - very lightly soft brush same areas as in previous layer masks
taking away a bit more in lower right hand of image
add watercolour pattern overlay - soft light - 100%
to add a gentle light

:: create new layer
take eyedropper and select a pleasing pink from center pansy face
select a round bristle brush and apply colour to edges
- soft light blending - 40%


too much fun!
thanks for the challenge, kim ...
thanks for sharing your image, jill!

oh! i almost forgot dessert ... the icing on the cake ...
please visit jillsygirl card studio
winter life collection ~ sweet.



keeping my pencil sharpened
and continuing to thoroughly enjoy
gigi thibodeau's freewrite fridays ...
will share soon ...



Jamie said...

Unbelievably gorgeous! You are an artist and a complete inspiration. Thanks for bringing beauty to my day.

Jillsy Girl said...

I am so totally flattered by all the attention and the wonderful enhancement you have given the original image. The final outcome is marvelous and thanks for the step-by-step process! I just love your creativity and thank you for the inspiration!

Aagaard Farms said...

Uplifting!! And they'll be blooming here soon.......

Purple Flowers said...

Just beautiful! There is no doubt your creative juices were flowing. You must have had alot of enjoyment re-making the pretty photograph. You did it! :)

Catherine said...

Fantastic! It appears all these 'cooks in the kitchen' working together have created a magnificent feast for the eyes! :)


Joyce said...

I'm loving the before and after!! This so reminds me I need to focus on photoshop and building a relationship with it. smile... xo

Marcie said...

Stunning result..and thank-you for the step-by-step instructions. WOW!

Kim Klassen said...

soooo LOVE what you did with this info.....

and great recipe sharing my friend...

thanks for the sweetness...

xxo, Kim

Gigi said...

Gorgeous work with this photo, pg. You inspire me with every visit. And I have to tell you and jillsy girl that when I was little, I got to plant my own tiny garden near my parents' much larger ones. The flowers I always chose were snapdragons and, of course, pansies, because they looked like people to me. I still have such a soft spot for pansies.

Thanks for mentioning the freewrite series! You're the bee's knees. xo Gigi

maureen said...

Gorgeous edits PG, I always love a before and after mouse over. They always make me smile, like a kid experiencing magic for the first time. And, it is a bit of magic, no? Using photoshop to create such beautiful images. Thanks for sharing your recipe, I know that takes a bit more work to document the process. I learn so much when you and Kim share that with us.