the magic in the firefly that dances outside your window.
the shape of a shadow that does not reveal its source.
the flower that only opens in the moonlight.
the joy of falling backwards in the snow,
not caring if you get some down your neck,
up your sleeves, in your hair.

there is wonder all around us.
but sometimes, we forget to remember to look.
~ kelly letky

dear ollee n bee ~

have you ever followed a toddler about and taken the time to see what they see? have you ever allowed yourself the time to be open to the wonder of the world as you go about your day, realizing how much magic there is in the ordinary? well, our friend kelly letky, or that's mrs. medocrity to you, has declared 2013 as the year of ordinary magic! she inspires us all to see the magic in the ordinary and invites us to join in when we can.

this month of february she encourages us to find and see the symbol of love, a heart, in the ordinary.

so today, i give you a little maple seed love that has let go and settled quietly on the snow.

love is magic,
thank you, kelly xxo

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