dear ollee n bee ~

the best part of the prompt addicts group in flickr is the way each prompt makes one see details in the world. this week we are to seek out right angles. it's amazing how they just keep popping up all over the place, like they are being lit by a highlighter.

such a staggering number of right angles in the above spectacular display of architecture. the funny thing is that when i first noted this photo in tumblr, it was simply the lines and tones and magnificence of the structure that drew me in. i wasn't even thinking about right angles, but now? wow.

it is amazing what is about us, outdoors and in.

frosty stucco wire used to protect our tender evergreen saplings from nibbling deer

i have always loved and cherished this rectangular glass jug 
that was my mom's syrup jug ...
only today i realized the right angle pattern on it!

i see, i see,

. . .

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S. Etole said...

I have a blue pitcher just like that. I think it belonged to my grandmother. How fun to see one here.