hello lovely ollee n bee ~

some times if i slip behind, skip a beat, it is because i am breathing, i am alive and simply living life. 

oh, and sometimes it is because we live where we do, we simply lose our internet connection. : )

this morning, a simple message from peter rabbit that accompanied the sweet illustration above ...

love is a beautiful, wonderful thing
there's nothing quite like it on all the green earth.

tis love in the heart that teaches birdies to sing,
and gives the wide world all its joy and mirth.

~ peter rabbit
from mrs. peter rabbit by thornton burgess

yesterday, as i was scooping up remnants of monday's storm i was serenaded by a most joyous symphony of very, very happy birdies. it was so pretty. i actually plunked down in a snow bank for a few just to take it all in. oh, those birdies did indeed have love in their hearts and sweet songs in their throats.


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