olivier baussan distilling lavender in provence france ~ green renaissance

happy spring, dear ollee n bee ~

oh, miss ollee! i had no idea you were a bee in southern france in a past life ~ how positively heavenly! imagine you buzzing about the heady fields of lavender. you certainly carried that magnificent beauty with you from that life to this one ~ mhm, yes you did! : )

as i wrote out the last post, i was happy and sad at the same time. happy and giddy for the amazing creation of bees and the perfect food, the pure honey they make for themselves and us. sad because i realized how now, in this life, they are so endangered. their prey isn't a bird or weather or kitties batting them out of the air. it is our very own species that threatens the thriving and flourishing existence of the little honey bee. man has got this life all messed up, thinking that their manmade, genetically modified, extreme everything to make their/our life more convenient is somehow ok. meanwhile, all this convenience and easy street approach is drastically inconveniencing and altering the natural world in a deadly manner. just where on earth, do they think this will all end up? 

i am so glad you were a bee then, miss ollee. i would have tried to protect you then, just as i want to help protect the bees of today. recently, i was introduced to green renaissance, a group dedicated to helping the natural world through their expertise in journalistic film. it seems fitting to be sharing their work on this very first day of spring ~ a day of rebirth and hope.

generally, i include links as a choice for you to visit or not. today is different. i really want you to see the green renaissance showcase. it just seems too important to miss.

funny how these things seem to present themselves synchronistically. just today on cbc manitoba radio noon, host marilyn maki spoke of how local honey producers are helping the filipino economy by teaching them how to make honey. the bee and honey business barely existed in the philippines until farmers in manitoba got involved. 

a man sells honey in the phillipines, thanks to beekeepers in manitoba via cbc manitoba radio noon

such uplifting and hopeful news this day! good news for the bees, their keepers and all good stewards of the earth we all live on.

i so want to stand behind the bee of yesterday and today and tomorrow and lessen the sting on their world so they may buzz and thrive forever more ...

singing spring,

ps. thanks, miss bee for the sweet little tidbit that led me to this today : )
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