oh, dear ollee n bee ~

in the quietest voice, in the most excited-heart-bursting way, i tell you about a blogging friend who is gracing us with her return to this online land.

melissa so graciously stepped aside awhile to take time to be with her little crumb, her daughter and her love, her husband. i admired her so for taking time to take care.  it was back in my early days of being here that i 'met' sweet melissa. her words and images and sharing were always so gentle and genuine ~ i felt so soothed and uplifted visiting her. it was funny as i hadn't even realized that she offered beautiful artisan creations through an online shop until one day when she presented something that really caught my eye.

it was a hand painted yoga scarf that was gifted to me christmas morn 2009 by mr. k.
i wear it often and think of melissa and her loveliness.

with this new month beginning, melissa begins her new journey with us at her most dreamy spot ~ reverie daydream.

while she may be leaving her shop behind, she continues on her path sharing her yoga, recipes and fabulous imagery. i know she will touch you as she has touched me.

so good to see you again, sweet melissa ...

with open arms,

. . .

fifty.nine | three.sixty.five

. . .


S. Etole said...

Wonderful image.

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

my dearest friend pg ~

you have no idea how my heart is overflowing with love at this very moment. i've missed your words, the from the depths of your soul thoughts and creative magic. thank you for this, your belief in me and excitement for this fresh journey. those pure to the core goodness hearts like yours are the ones who make life so beautiful and add sparkle to every day.
much love + light,

Bee said...

aw... i remember the christmas when you got the scarf. i was awed by it's beauty. thanks for sharing melissa's blog with us, can't wait to take a peek!