when my daughter was about seven years old,
she asked me one day what i did at work.
i told her i worked at the college
~ that my job was to teach people how to draw.
she stared at me, incredulous, and said,
"you mean they forget?"
~ howard ikemoto

dear ollee n bee ~

oh, i smiled when i saw this quote. we don't really forget how to draw or paint or write or take a photo. we don't forget how to create, but we do get out of practice. like riding a bicycle, we may be rusty and wobble our way down the lane til we get legs moving and our momentum back, but it does come.

it has been years since i put paint to paper. i was so impressed by miss beth's no-nonsense-get-that-brush-wet-and-moving approach to her watercolour painting the first night of our 'open studio', i couldn't wait for the next get together to dust off my brushes.

i certainly hadn't perfected the art of watercolour and my brushing technique is happenstance at best, but i want to try. i want to show up and do the work, a few studies at a time. it is so pleasing and delightful to create together with absolutely no pressure to perform. 

there is an artist child in all of us who never forgets.

dip dip,

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S. Etole said...

That looks like great fun. Happy Valentine's Day.

Bee said...

and doesn't it feel so good? it has been awhile since i've sang in a choir, but i joined one in january - an easy-going, community choir. the pressure is low, but the pleasure is high. it feels so good to do the things that make that childlike part of your heart beat a little faster! love the painting. xoxo.