hello hello dear ollee n bee ~

and, hello dear february!

it is the first day of my most favourite month of the year. i love february because i love how the sun seems to be stretching it's rays out, like a stretch after a long winter's nap (even though spring is a bit away). here today, the sun rose at 8:01 am and set at 5:24 pm for a total of nine hours, twenty.two minutes and thirty seconds of daylight. every day from here on in the time lengthens each day by over three minutes. 

more and more light is definitely on the way. in february it seems to make such a difference to me. all of a sudden it is suppertime and you realize that you aren't eating in the dark anymore. there is a noticeable difference in the strength and warmth in the sun. mmmmm, it feels good.

no wonder it is the month of love.

you are my sunshine,

. . .

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Marcie said...

It's so true. February is always the month where all-of-a-sudden the light changes. So beautifully said and illustrated!!

Bee said...

beautiful - love it! longer days are a wonderful thing - i've been noticing it too. i wish you could be here with me right now. i'm drinking a delightful cuppa coffee (filled with happy molecules, of course), and watching these huge flakes of snow falling out of the sky. it's lovely.


ollee said...

This is so funny! I decided to go out for a walk at lunch, today, and I thought, the light is so different --I was attracted to it moreso, than usual. It's brighter...happier light. Maybe it's refreshed after "stretching it's rays out" Your immagery is beautiful.

You are such a lovely soul: thank you for spreading your rays of light to us!