tweet tweet ollie n bee ~

may i introduce you to my little bird.

this week at open studio, miss katherine and i got our hands mucky and made paper mache clay! it was so easy and so much fun. a couple of years ago, i was interested in making paper mache trees and found a wonderful recipe as well as numerous videos by the lovely jonni good at ultimate paper mache.

oh, if my mom could have seen us, mixing toilet paper and glue and flour and drywall compound and water in an ice cream pail with her old mixer! it worked like a charm, whirring the concoction to a fine consistency to coat our tin foil, masking tape and wire creations. i believe we felt quite giddy as it really did feel like playing.

we left our fine hard feathered friends on a tall cupboard to dry. we will revisit them next week and see what we might do with them, if anything. also, the recipe left us with quite a bit of clay in the pail for more playing and creating next week. oh, what shall we do ...

stay tuned my fine birds of a feather ~

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