i've been thinking dear ollee n bee ~

i've been thinking lots about kelly's year of ordinary magic. i've been thinking and seeking and musing and finding a few magical moments in my ordinary day.

first of all, it has been snowing here ... lots. yesterday, there wasn't a breath of wind, just flake after flake after flake fluttering to the ground. it was so pretty and i wish i could have captured it with my camera but i couldn't possibly capture the part that moved me most. the part that was magical to me was that sometimes some of the flakes were actually floating backwards, i mean upwards! it was like they were bouncing about in the air ~ it was ... well ... purely magical. no special effects here!

today, the snow continued to fall, partnered with a blustery wind. zo zo and i spent quite a bit of time outdoors. zo with her doggy toy that she'd toss into the air then dive into the fluffy banks to dig it out (a grand game) and i with the shovel and scoop creating mounds perfect for her game. watching the wind whip great drifts along the laneway took me back. i was taken to when our boys were little and how those majestic peaks provided hours upon hours of play. i am sure the games they made up on those snowbanks were just as magical as the ones my brothers and i played when we were little. living at a country elevator, the tall snow fence along the railway track caught the snow and made enormous drifts. sometimes they would be so hard, you could walk along the top of them and pretend you were walking on the desert. they were big enough that we could burrow out tunnels and little hideaways.

to play like a child is magical and i think we all ought to do it more, just like kelly making snow angels! i can tell you with certainty that i barely felt the cold out there today keeping warm with all those magical memories.

i believe in magic ~

ps. the above image is a seedhead of garlic that i brought in from the garden years ago and popped into a bottle on the windowsill. i am fascinated with how seedheads come to life in the springtime after being buried so deep below the snow in the cold cold ground ~ is there anything more magical? i was inspired to create this image by the lovely and oh so talented barbara carroll who graciously shared the origin of this perfect font.

. . .

thirty.seven | three.sixty.five

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S. Etole said...

That is a magical font. Beautiful.

S. Etole said...

I had to come back and take another look at that font. Would you mind sharing the name of it?