granny smith apples, oranges, pears,
carrots, kale, red chard and celery juice that has
settled into colourful layers ~ a quick stir and down the hatch : )

dear ollee n bee ~

to juice or not to juice, that is the question. 

actually, there is no question in our minds that juicing is the way to go to get a substantial intake of vitamins and minerals. 

it all began when a friend, who i hold in high esteem for living a healthful life, shared a recipe of a juice she had been drinking every morning. her recipe was also vegetable and fruit based, but included fresh ginger and cilantro. i was intrigued!

she shared joe cross' story fat, sick and nearly dead. his documentary is compelling and inspiring. while i believe we eat very well, our intake of greens and some fruits could certainly be given a significant boost.  joe's guided reboot program offers simple, basic steps to rebooting one's life! 

when my already healthy friend exclaimed how much clearer she was thinking and how young she felt since juicing, i felt it would be worth a try. a supplement that surely would be beneficial ~ it couldn't hurt.

after a fair bit of research, we are happily concocting vitamin/mineral packed juice with our breville juice fountain elite 800JEXL ~ a great feeling-good way to start the day.

bottoms up ~

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Bee said...

mmmm... looks good! would love to try it!