dear ollee n bee ~

every night before i lay me down to sleep, i am comforted by a wee cup of tea or lemon honey butter in hot water. the extra comfort and smiles and hugs and love comes from sipping from this very special cup ~ my german 'i love you to the moon' cup.

this week, the prompt addicts are asking what is in your cup?

i have to answer that this, my bedtime cup, overfloweth with love.

someday soon i will share more of the story of how this cup came to warm me so.

until then ~ loving you to the moon and back is very far indeed,

. . .

thirty.six | three.sixty.five

. . .


ollee said...

Your cup is soooo wonder you use it every night before you go to sleep! It looks so cosy and comforting. I look forward to hearing how you came upon the cup :)

May every sip you take from this special cup provide you with warmth, comfort and peace...

love you to the moon and back, pg !


Bee said...

aw. beautiful shot, and it makes me so very happy that you have that most soothing of drinks in the evening in that mug.

i am a lucky little nutbrown hare to have you in my life, pg!

and ollee, if you are reading this, maybe you can show me how to use the bolding HTML tag sometime (you have so many hidden talents!)