dear ollee n bee ~

ever have one of those days where you are distracted? focus is elusive. worries rob time like a swift thief. thoughts of others roll over and over in your mind? it is a helpless feeling really. and by the time the day winds down you have had troubles getting one task to completion.

today was one of those days. what would generally take only a few minutes seemed to stall out and drag on for hours. my intentions early on were to try my hand at making lemon curd. i had found a recipe at my french country home a while ago and recently bought a bag of lemons in anticipation. i also wanted to photograph the process as the prompt at prompt addicts this week is food!

it did take all day to work through those worries and thoughts, and to get to making the recipe, but finally by day's end ~ suppertime actually, there i was standing at the stove stirring a dreamy lemony curd. it was truly such a simple process with very sweet results. i didn't feel it was a loss to have all those feelings during the day ~ it was necessary to work through them but it wasn't easy. thankfully, the curd was.

tomorrow's a new day and one to embrace with hope anew.


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Bee said...

i am just catching up on a few missed posts - i sure hope that all your worries are melting away - just like the snow out here! just thinking about your lemon curd makes my mouth water, i'll bet it was simply delish!