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something about sunday suppers that soothes our very souls. today, when i was looking up a favourite hungarian mushroom soup recipe from one of the infamous moosewood cookbooks, i stumbled across the delicious image above.  it reminded me that january is almost all eaten up for another year ~ we are just on the final crumbs of january twenty thirteen.

i was introduced to the moosewood cookbooks by my lovely chef friend, miss ilse. she makes the most amazing soup stock using 'smashed' bones from a roast turkey (very important to smash to release the goodness and flavour in the marrow!) along with any vegetable peelings. when she started making this hungarian mushroom soup recipe every thursday for a local cafe, she created such a buzz and soon there was a faithful following. that was well over six years ago and this soup is still being sought after and slurped with pure satisfaction every thursday, to this day. it's a keeper!

the hungarian mushroom soup was just what we needed for this winter sunday supper.

szeretlek ~

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ollee said...

I love the sound of those two words: Sunday suppers. And pg, I love your comparison of the month: January being "almost all eaten up ...just on the final crumbs..." What grand imagery. It's lovely.

That soups sounds delicious. I have friends that talk about this one particular fellow (he may have actually been Hungarian) that said you always have to crack the bones to make a good soup); it is a must! Maybe I should try it :)

I love stories like that: soups that create tradition and conversation in the community. Food is not only sustenance: it brings people together (in the home or resto) and creates beautiful memories.

Mmm...hungarian mushroom soup.

Thanks for sharing, lovely pg! May the Sunday supper live on forever :)
xox, ollee