ta da! my ollee n bee ~

at last, a little peek at my camera bag and it's newly created liner. i am most relieved to be able to tuck my camera into something that will keep it safe. the little divider panel can be moved on the velcro strips to allow for additions such as a nice lens ~ someday.

now to address some of your comments! hee hee, i had to giggle miss bee when you mentioned cord lund's truck got stuck video ~ i've definitely seen it, love it, and isn't it just like some boys i know! also, you should know it was the chevy that got stuck and it was the toyota that got the chevy unstuck. i don't think cord mentions a toyota ~ *grin*.

i am so grateful to you for sharing the dalai lama's beautiful words on positive and negative ~ i have shared them with my latest negative space photo for the prompt addicts ~ *hug*.

and omgoodness, miss ollee how i loved your words those delicious thick-as-a-doorstop novels ... ! you conjure up the best images with your words. i declare this the year of the count of montecristo for miss ollee ~ go girl. i am most grateful for your delightful description of austen's pride and prejudice and am jotting it in my notebook as a must read. *hug*

oh! and were either of you able to catch any of the human library today? our internet was intermittent today, but i did catch a bit of margaret trudeau's conversation with viewers about mental health. oh, the life she has had. i remember my dad thinking she was quite the gal back in the seventies when her life was exploding about her. i would have liked to listen to more. i really liked the aspect that it was live and you could see the questions being asked, and in some case, actually see the people asking! real people. real conversations. a great idea that i hope is repeated again soon.

cheerio for now ~

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S. Etole said...

What a nifty idea.

Bee said...

wow - beautiful fabric and you did an amazing job! tres cool.

ollee said...

You did a fab job, pg! I love the camera bag liner; it turned out beautifully. The fabric you chose is perfect. Well done :)

I clicked on the on-line human library and this time, checked out the conversations (thanks for the link!). I will definitely listen to those conversations! From your last post, I clicked on the local conversation that happened at the downtown library. Now I can look at these too! I will definitely want to see Margaret T's conversation.

Thanks so much to you for putting this on your blog and sharing with us.

Love and hugs,