dear ollee n bee ~

a couple of years ago, i came across a site that i pop by to visit every now and again. it gives me a lift and takes me dreaming to a land far away ~ the land of my father's ancestry. oh, there aren't photos of the land or sea shore or sheep or highland cattle that live there. ROUGH LINEN is more than the beautiful linens of orkney, scotland. it is the story of a woman who picked up a tradition of her great grandmother and now offers the results of her beautiful work to the world. 

i'm not really a material girl in need of a lot of material things, but when tricia recently started offering a sweet linen pinafore, i knew i was weakening to the wants. in fact, i am sure i would hardly take the pinafore off once i slipped that beautiful orkney linen over my head, sliding my hands into the pockets. in fact, i am pretty sure i would wear it from sun up to sun down doing chores about the house, in the studio, in the garden ... and darn tootin' i'd even wear it to town over a tee and skirt come springtime.

so, i did it. i am fairly giddy to say i put my order in this evening.

who knows, i just may even wear it on the plane when we make the trip back to orkney this summer for a family reunion ~ i'd have to check the pockets for garden seeds and dog treats first!

more than you know, i wish i could tuck you in those pockets and take you with me.


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Bee said...

beautiful - i can so picture you in this. and yes, pretty, pretty please can you tuck me in your pocket and whisk me off to orkney?


ollee said...

I think you should get it: you will look lovely :)

Bee and I, as you know, are highly adaptable...we would do fine in your pocket! Let's go :D

PS I love's kind of sick actually. I clicked on this website and I am in love.