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oh sweet ollee n bee ~

today was to be the day to give you a peek at the newly finished camera bag, but i am going to leave it a couple of days because there are other things to tell you today and tomorrow. 

do you like to read? do the words weave wondrous worlds for you to visit and explore where you meet characters more real than real? i love words. i love reading. i love being taken away and being placed in the lives of others. i don't read a great deal. i generally have a book on my bedside table and indulge in as many pages as i can before my eyelids drop and the book bonks me on the nose ~ hee hee. i have a small, yet cherished collection of books that have touched me. 

today, i found these words by carl sagan. i have no idea who he is, but i love what he has to say about books.
what an astonishing thing a book is.
it's a flat object made from a tree with flexible parts
on which are imprinted lots of funny dark squiggles.
but one glance at it and you're inside the mind of another person,
maybe somebody dead for thousands of years.
across the millennia, an author is speaking clearly and silently
inside your head, directly to you.
writing is perhaps the greatest of human inventions,
binding together people who never knew each other,
citizens of distant epochs.
books break the shackles of time,
a book is proof that humans are capable of working magic.
~ carl sagan

last year for mother's day, mr k gave to me, a kobo ereader. it was a couple of months before i took any interest in the new fang dangled electronic device, but eventually i charged it up, figured out how to access books from a library and downloaded my first eread. i so prefer to have a real book in my hands, to feel the paper and smell the paper, if that makes sense. ironically though, the very first book i read on my kobo ended up being my very most favourite book of all time ~ the secret life of bees by sue monk kidd. this is now a book i will buy, hold tight and reread again and again, feeling the pages between my fingers. it spoke to me so beautifully with these words being one of my most favourite quotes, of many, in the book ~ 
 but lifting someone's heart? now, that matters. 

i so appreciate folks like carl and sue. tell me true ~ who are you appreciating these days? what book is so lovingly tattered and cherished in your collection?

lifting someone's heart does matter, and you lift mine every single day.


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ollee said...

Thanks for sharing what you are reading! I adore books and reading. And what a great quote you've added...when you are immersed in the book, you feel as though you are living every moment with the characters. I love that feeling; it transports you.

One of the things that I am focusing on this year is to return to my love of reading. Those delicious thick-as-a-doorstop novels you can really sink your teeth into :) I've been trying to read The Count of Montecristo for years so here is hoping that I read it for 2013. Your post is such an inspiration :)

I have read Sue Monk's book The Secret Life of Bees and remember loving every delicious word. The descriptors and the story itself were so engrossing I remember having a hard time putting it down. It's a grand book and definitely one to own :)

I have to say that the book that I always look to is Austen's Pride and Prejudice ... I just love Austen's turn of phrase and am totally lost in the language and just love my favourite character (feels as though I've known her all my life) Elizabeth Bennet. If I'm not up for a novel, which has been the case for some time, I will always pull that tattered book out and read a few pages and instantly be transported to high teas, witty conversation, letter writing, and well generally, sumptuous language. I can always be guaranteed a smile and lovely thoughts as I doze off at the end of a long day.

Happy reading, pg and happy Friday to both you and bee!
xox, ollee

Bee said...

Guess I'm gonna have to read "The Secret Life of Bees" next! :) Ollee - I just read that Pride and Prejudice will be 200 years old tomorrow (Monday). That is one amazing thing about books - that 200 years later we all still love and marvel about the goings-on of Miss Bennet and Mister Darcy.

I've been reading the Dalai Lama's "Little Book of Wisdom". I got it for Herr F for Christmas, but I'm finding it quite enjoyable, too!

Happy reading to you both! xo