oh my ollee n bee ~

gee you two make me giggle! your comments are way sweet ~ sweeter than pooh bear's honey pot!

as i was telling miss mayv today, i also had a little giggle when i realized that i took you from tea on sunday to coffee on monday without a blink of an eye. i said to her should i talk about 'milk' today? we both laughed. she, of course, piped up that wine was the next natural subject! hee hee

today i've been busy doing a bit of sewing. i wish i had the finished product to share, but not quite. i received a handy retro, canvas cbc radio bag that i am lining with fabric covered foam to use as a camera bag. i had mentioned this idea to miss tish and she just happened to find make it & love it on pinterest about turning a purse into a padded camera bag ~ perfect! 

the above image is just a little glimpse of the fabric i am using. it is fresh and floral and i love it completely. it is a williamsburg print ~ a design inspired by an authentic period document "garden images II" ~ makes me smile.

oh! i have to run! apparently i am needed to drive the truck to help get another truck unstuck!

wish me luck ~

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ollee said...

I love the fabric, pg it's so you :) It will go beautifully with the cbc retro canvas bag (which is oooohhh sooooo coooool)! Hope you were able to help to unstuck the truck :D Happy sewing --can't wait to see the finished product! xox, ollee

Bee said...

oh, and ollee - did you click on the link for the cbc radio bag? it should look familiar... ;)