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hi hi ollee n bee ~

if we love books, then we've got to love libraries!

and if we love libraries, i think we are going to be absolutely amazed with the human library. have you heard of it? 

the first human library was held in 2000 at roskilde festival, a large north european culture and music festival, by a non-governmental youth movement in copenhagen. since then human library events have been held in twenty-seven countries.

 and tomorrow, january 26th, it is being held here in canada! i couldn't possibly explain how this works in this post, so please just pop by the cbc | human library: profiles of living library books from across the country and be prepared to be blown away by the literary geniuses ~ i think it is going to be absolutely fascinating.

til tomorrow ~

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Bee said...

that's cool! dang - missed the edmonton one, it was on saturday... love that picture - could you imagine having a room like that in your home? A whole room, of books?

Or... we could just be whisked away to Hogwarts and visit the library... the Restricted section, of course! ;)

Wink, wink.

Hugs to you both,

ollee said...

I love love love libraries :D I always dreamed of turning a whole room into a library. All the books I'd read and wanted to read surrounding me...makes me happy just thinking about it. This photo is like my dream come true! I love looking at it --and I'm so curious...what are those books about? How old are they?

I checked out the human library on-line! What an excellent idea! I would have liked to have gone...I hope next year! I just love makes me so happy to see them involved with this movement. Did I ever mention how much I love cbc? Probably shows...

With our Spanish prof, our class went into the special collections section of the library at the U. We looked at a book that was a copy of an original (rarely seen in the world). I was SO excited! I couldn't stop asking questions...I thought it was so cool. Kind of like being at Hogwarts restricted section only less scary. Do you remember, bee, when we went to that exhibit of books at the U? Same room...I'm just rivetting thinking about it :D

Now if I could just start reading the Count!