hello lovely ollee n bee ~

on this, the ninth day, i share with you nine of my black and white images.

late last spring, early summer, i had the great fortune of winning a giveaway spot in tracey clark's 'picture black and white' class, just one of the many awesome learning experiences at big picture classes!

tracey offered video lessons and tips throughout the course. every second day, she presented a prompt, based on the topic of her video. we explored shapes, textures, exposures, composition, light and so much more. i really appreciated the easy going approach. we were encouraged to choose archival images if time didn't allow us to capture an image that day, so some of these photos are from my photo library. (that little kitten? yup, grew into a BIG ol' ollie cat ~ hee hee!)

i was so grateful on so many levels for this experience and would highly recommend it if you are needing a wonderful, creative lift!

click click,

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nine | three.sixty.five

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traceyclark said...

Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous.