dear ollee n bee ~

remember i was telling you the other day about the picture black and white online course i took last spring/summer? as the course was winding down, i was feeling a bit blue about missing the wonderful fellow students and their uplifting encouragement and inspiration, not to mention the great prompt ideas. the prompting really motivated me to keep picking up my camera!

many of the students were so open to share what they were doing beyond the classroom and to my delight a number of them belonged to a flickr group called 'prompt addicts'! perfect! they graciously accepted me to their group for which i am so very grateful. the group is intimate, the prompts are challenging and the support is like having your favourite aunt cheering you along ... *smile*. the group administrators take turns presenting a prompt on sunday, giving us the full week to participate. even if one can't make it to the group regularly, you can be sure to be greeted eagerly when you do 'show up'.

last sunday's prompt was to make a twelve image collage of your favourite images posted to the group over the year. with different life 'stuff' happening, i missed a number of the prompts, so my collage (see above) isn't quite the full twelve, but definitely some faves. 

this week, the prompt is to get down and capture what is ground level. this photo below is one i took a while ago, just to give you an idea. it was a bit too nippy for my camera and me to play outside today ~ hopefully tomorrow! 

i seem to be a bit tick wit a code so guess i'd best finish my hot lemon and honey water and hit the hay.

hope you are well my sweets ~ til tomorrow,

ich hab Dich lieb bis zum Mond 
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