ah oui ollee n bee ~

tonight was magnifique! it was open studio in my studio this evening ~ a gathering of women to create, visit and of course, sip tea. 

miss beth and i worked on water colour studies, miss joyce collected inspiration for repurposing with a few great books and miss mayvis worked on researching aspects of wordpress for her lovely writing site ~ my prairie lair.

the evening had a set tone when miss beth requested french café music to create by. besides listening to a most wonderful cd set that she brought, we tuned in to the online parisian café ~ oh, what a delightful time we had. the music, the creativity, the talk of previous and upcoming trips abroad ~ it was all truly ooo la la!

some day, i sincerely, with all my heart hope you can be here ... oh, pretty please with sugar on top!

fingers crossed ~

p.s. i will at some point, share a bit of what we created, promise.

. . .

twenty.nine | three.sixty.five

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Bee said...

sounds like a simply fantastique evening (sure hope i've still got the french spelling down - ollee will correct me if i'm wrong).

i love your studio. we will make the trip, someday. we can sip some wine, talk and talk... there is magic in that space!

can't wait to see what kind of magic you ladies are creating there...


ollee said...

PG! Oh la-la...I love that you guys do this!!! It sounds like so much fun :D Bee speaks so fondly of your studio, pg, and I cannot wait to see it someday.

I love those Parisian Cafe tunes...they transport me to Paris. Bee: c'est parfait!

Bonne journee mes amies :)