got no checkbooks, got no banks,
still i'd like to express my thanks -
i got the sun in the morning and the moon at night.
~ irving berlin i got the sun in the morning 1946

dear ollee 'n bee ~

this past week, my amazing friend kelly letky celebrated her 50th birthday!

simply, i'd say.
i celebrate life outdoors, marvelling in moment, paying attention to the amazing creations all about me, great and small ~ wondrous! i am monumentally grateful for it all.

i am equally grateful for the creativity and way kelly inspires me with her masterful words and images. in fact, this very photo i took reminds me so much of how kelly might see this beautiful specimen up close, as i have.

one of my favourite sayings is if you can breathe, you can dance, a celebration in itself.

take a deep breath, slip on your dancing shoes, do the watusee (sp?), take time to look closely ~ pay attention, and please join me as we shout a celebratory 'cheers' to kelly ...

pass the cake, let's celebrate!

kelly weaves and creates her magic and artistry at mrs. mediocrity and the blue muse 

. . .


mrs mediocrity said...

simply is the best. just as you are the best.
you are right, i adore this photo, it is just gorgeous.
and as you know, i am very into dancing... so what a perfect saying for this post!
thank you so so much for joining in my celebration... made all the sweeter by your lovely presence.
xoxoxo love, kelly

Marcie said...

Oh..I haven't been here in so long!! Love your new (or maybe not so new?) format..of writing a little note to Ollee n' Bee. Fun and creative!!!

Diane said...

belated celebrations to your dear friend. It's the Christmas season and, like Glenn Miller, I'm in the mood! Snowflakes and sunshine to you.