good day dear ollee n bee ~

how has your day been?
it has been glorious here ~ another autumn gift of splendour with warm airs and little breeze.
fabulous skies, whiffs of smoke wafting through the yard under the far off continuous honking of geese.

say! did you know that today is gigi's birthday?
in thinking of her today, i couldn't help but thinking of words, reading and books (being the wizard wordsmith she is) and decided to check out my favourite book blog.

quite a while ago, i came across between the covers tattered cover book blog where i have found many interesting reads. i thought i'd take a peek today to see what is new ...

this, the art forger, intrigues me. i so appreciate the reviews and introductions to the authors at this blog. if you are seeking a book to snuggle up with as the evenings cool, consider a visit between the covers ... : )

rustling leaves,

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Diane said...

ah yes, I feel as though I've just tiptoed in on a quiet conversation going on in a quiet (and definitely cozy) den. Rustling leaves ... oh so perfect. You are amazing