join me for a cuppa?

... and a little ah.artography
in celebration of kim klassen's texture tuesday cuppa cuppa challenge!
i was pretty excited about this, as you know how i love cups ...

this one's for you, anna ; )

{originals photos and textures}

kim's texture tuesday challenge this week is to apply any of her textures to a photo of a cuppa ... or two!

i began with setting the two sweet little cuppas
on the high ledge of the window 
to play in the sparkly sun

: )

here is what i did to add texture and soften the image, but keep the sparkle!

:: join me for a cuppa original background image
:: kim klassen cool grunge texture

:: apply pure photoshop actions pure pop action to background image

:: apply gaussian blur to background image - 16%
- add layer mask and soft brush 40% the cup area
- watercolour pattern overlay - soft light 100%

:: add kim klassen cool grunge texture layer - color blending - 100%

:: add another kim klassen cool grunge texture layer - lighten blending mode - 100%
- add layer mask and soft brush 100% the cup area 

this is where i normally would add my signature layer and call it a day, but ...
while i loved the clean softness, i wanted more to this ... 
more 'pretty'!

enter a fresh breath of air ~ a little something i was fiddling with to possibly put as my button on facebook  for the summer

a completely separate textured image!
do you see where this is going? here is the recipe ~

:: original fresh breath of air background image
:: kim klassen sweettreat texture

:: i cropped out a square area of background image to focus on flowers

:: adjust levels on background area - input 15 | 1.00 | 241

:: apply gaussian blur to background image - 16%
- add layer mask and soft brush 40% focal flower area

:: add kim klassen's sweettreat texture - soft light blending - 100% 


then, i simply slid the textured fresh breath of air image
over the textured join me for a cuppa image
applying soft light blending 100%

i took two textured images
to make my one, final ah.artography image

what d'ya say ~ join me for a cuppa?

: )

thanks kim for the fun challenge!




Lesley said...

All that creative work deserves a cuppa! Thanks for sharing your process, the result is fantastic!

Barb said...

Wow! so beautiful and so creative!

Linda Makiej said...

Marvelous texture work!!
wonderful blog - so happy to have found/followed you!!

Dyche Designs said...

So beautifully done, I love your use of layers and textures.

Pink Trees and Sunshine said...

Wow, from me too! Absolutely brilliant combination of images! Thanks for the Recipe, too :~)

Kate said...

I absolutely LOVE this! Thanks for sharing your process. Kim Klassen's textures are so fun to play with -- and your addition of the flowers really made the shot!

Jamie said...

OMG - absolutely amazing!!!! You make incredible art.

S. Etole said...

beautifully done ...

Gigi said...

I love seeing your process! What a treat to enjoy not only the finished beauty, but the painstaking work it took to achieve it! Almost like I'm peeking over your shoulder! Thanks, pg. xo g

Dawna said...

Hi fellow prairie girl! Your blog name caught my attention while I was cruising around Kim Klassens texture Tuesday posts. I am prairiegirl4 :) I sure am enjoying the Texture Tuesday and since I am new to photography I am learning alot. Maybe you can help me with a quesiton I have as well,,,,are you only able to use Kim's textures in Photoshop? I do not have photoshop so was wondering if it works with another progam. Thanks for you help! Stop by That Country Place sometime and have a cuppa!

Marilyn said...

Very nice work and thanks for the "recipe".

Catherine said...

Very very lovely! Thank you so much for sharing your techniques with us!

Hope you are getting some lovely weather!
xo Catherine

kelly@thebluemuse said...

Oh my. Simply stunning! What a perfect pairing of images! Is that sunshine I see?
I'd forgotten what it looks like! :)

Jill said...

Art indeed! I've thought about blending two images together before but only tried it once, with not much success. This is so beautifully done! The vision you had to the completed image...just perfect! Thanks for sharing all the "know how".

erin said...

love, love, LOVE. i likey the marriage of the two images very much. thanks for stopping by my bloggy today.

Miss ViVi Gold said...

Amazingly dreamy beautiful blend of images! Great work!

paperbird said...

this is so pretty. i love that you shared your process.

have a beautiful day~

beth said...

beautiful photo playing !!!

Anna said...

PG, how sweet you are and what a lovely image!!!! Thanks so much for the step by step. Quite a number of steps to produce this image, but so very worth it!
Yes please, I'd like a cuppa your summer and sunshine :) It must be tasty.

Kia said...

Gorgeous work, it's absolutely lovely! Well done!

Marcie said...

This is so very creative! My first thought was to wonder how you managed to match the flowers up on the two cups so carefully. Now that you've offered up your recipe - I see. it!!!

maureen said...

oh my, you are so clever. I love the way this turned out, very lovely. And now I'm on a hunt to find a floral photo that will work like this. so, so beautiful!

Lisa RedWillow said...

How very creative.. artistic and amazing. Love it. Stunning creation.

Gilding Lilies said...

Beautiful job.

abby jenkins said...

WOW! That is the coolest thing I have seen in a long while, absolutely ethereal. Yes, I will join you thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely gorgeous!

Jillsy Girl said...

excuse me for being so late. i hate missing any of your posts, so better late than never, right!

you are so creative with your photography! the final image came out exquisite! i'll need to try this technique sometime.