my cup of tea


a sooc study 
in shape . colour . light . reflection

prompted by jillsy girl
who wasn't necessarily looking for tea cups
but rather whatever is your 'cup of tea'

i discovered studying every angle 
of something as pleasing as this sunny tea cup in the morning light
is most certainly 'my cup of tea' 

i sought out this cheery yellow cup
after reading kelly's inspiring words
about making march a month of seeking colour ... 

mmm ... such a nice way to approach
these last weeks and days of winter ...

seeking and finding colourful bits and spots
that bring you smiles
: )

sunshine and colours and smiles
to you and you and you ...



post script
these vintage cups 'n saucers were made in holland
{i have two ~ coming for tea soon?}



ELK said...

this went straight to my heart . simple and so very special .. you are my "cup of tea" today!!

Gigi said...

Wonderful study, pg! I love the cup itself, and all the different moods that yellow can evoke, depending on how you play with light and shadow. Actually, some of the most shadowed shots are my favorites of the whole batch!

I have such a hard time with March. When you live in the middle of the city like I do, March means filthy snow banks melting into icy puddles and dog poo. 8( Yuck. So, thinking about color, color, color is a really good idea. And then there's April to look forward to, and those first signs of green just beginning to emerge!

Hugs, sweet stuff! xo Gigi

Jillsy Girl said...

from each and every angle, your images are works of art! What a delightful cup of tea you have there PG!!

Anonymous said...

isnt it amazing how you can have so much fun with just a cup and saucer, if you have a camera at hand? :)

courtney said...

This is so wonderful! I just love looking at each & every shot. The light, shadows and reflections are perfect! Great work…LOVE IT <3

Catherine said...


I am picturing drinking tea out of this pretty cup and saucer on a lovely warm Sunday morning perhaps sitting out on my patio watching the birds at the bird feeder...

xo Catherine

Anna said...

These are beautiful - the designs, values, colors! Simple, clean, and strong, you have made art from very minimal elements, seems very oriental in flavor. I love this concept and your results!

Jamie said...

What gorgeous, gorgeous photos! Beautiful color, light and composition. I want to come over for tea tomorrow!

regine said...

B e a u t i f u l in its Simplicity! Thank you for sharing and thank you for the Inspiration!

It was nice seeing you, and pretty cool you won ;-)

bee said...

oooo! i'd like to come for tea, please!

those are all lovely, lovely photos. but i must tell you that i am absolutely blown away by and in love with the very first one. the texture and deep brown of the background, the mustard colour of the saucer, and the inner white of the tea. the rectangle and two circles. simple, beautiful, striking, and absolutely perfect! what a great shot!

love you!


maureen said...

yes, thank you, i'll be right over.
This is a most beautiful series of images. My favorite one is the fourth one, I love the tight crop, and almost abstract feel to it. You have inspired me to try this also. Now I just have to find a pretty, colorful item to work with. :)
So,so lovely all of them, thanks for sharing

kelly@thebluemuse said...

I seriously have a big giant smile on my face right now. Those pictures just made me feel happy. That is exactly the color I need!

Joyce said...

Hmmm... the only thing missing is another cup and a girlfriend by your side and you are all set. I love the yellow color, shadow and lighting. xo

knack said...

love this cheery yellow cup and the gorgeous photos that you took of it in all different lights! I love focusing on color :)

thank you for all of your amazingly sweet words made my heart smile :) I think you are simply wonderful!