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Jamie said...

Thank you for sharing the info on this, I've made my donation and am joining the silence

Marcie said...

Together we can make a difference!

Aagaard Farms said...

Great link! Thank you. I'm a little late for the Day of Silence, unfortunately.

Gigi said...

I read an article last night that said the death toll has reached 10,000. And the nuclear situation is really terrible, of course, which is bad for Japan, and bad for everyone. It's hard to do much but hope and pray and lend help where we can.

The night of the huge moon we shared dinner down on the bay with my cousin's in-laws, who are Japanese and actually flew in from Tokyo last week. I'm not sure how they even did it, but it was really special to share that magical moon with them. You know, where we see a man in the moon, they see a rabbit in profile, pounding rice to make rice cakes. I love that!

Wishing you a beautiful weekend, pg! Maine is celebrating Maple Syrup weekend, so we're going to a sugar house or two! xoxo Gigi