the 30 in 30 test edition

bear with me on this post ...
it is a bit lengthy
but i think you may find it pretty interesting!

in previous ah.artography posts
i have shared before and after images
along with the steps or recipes i took to achieve the after look.

this time, i have taken three different images ~
tulipes dans la théière
 a colour photo with lots of light and soft colours
pears in a row
also colour, but much darker in general
gentle petals
black and white

i have used the same three 30 in 30 textures ~
A . B . C
with my three images
and have included my original image
at the end of each group.

kim klassen is in the midst of creating 30 art textures in 30 days ...
makes me dizzy just thinking about it ~ she has been painting like a mad woman!

anyways, i am testing a few for her ...
giving her feedback as to how they work ...
and i would like to share them with you!

this time, there won't be any recipes ~ just images

i am thinking you will be amazed at the different outcomes ...

here we go!


tulipes dans la théière

texture A

texture B

texture C



pears in a row

texture A

texture B

texture C



gentle petals

texture A

texture B

texture C


the overview

adding art textures to photography
is a process that is full of surprises ...
the results are infinite ...


need a nap now?
i am playing a little harp
at the i.studio today ...
encouraging rest
and more




Jamie said...

So much beauty in a single post! I can't wait to see the entire collection. I'm even FINALLY taking Kim's Skinny Mini class so I'll have a better chance at figuring out how to use them.

Teresa O said...

These are indeed lovely and each one unique. Like Jamie, I'm taking Kim's Skinny-Mini eCourse and finding it wildly wonderful.

I listened to your harp music at istudio. Such peaceful beauty.

Kim Klassen said...

oh pg, you have doubly amazed me today.... thank you so much... truly!! and wow! i'm completely jaw-dropped....
in LOVE... you are truly fabulous!!

'sigh'.....xxo, Kim

Anna said...

These captures are luscious! I'm always amazed at what textures can do. It was particularly interesting to see the pieces set side by side. When I commented today at iStudio, your harp music wasn't working. Later on, I got to hear it. Oh, so beautiful!!!!

Cinner said...

These are fabulous, I love the different textures. your blog looks beautiful.

Gigi said...

I LOVE it! I feel like you and Kim need to pair up (or pear up) and do an exhibition at a gallery, showcasing all the possibilities that art textures provide. That would be amazing. I mean, it's amazing here in the digital world, but how cool to see it in a physical space as well. So inspiring!

xoxo Gigi

Marcie said...

Exquisitely beautiful - all of them. Amazing what can be done with the 'art' of textures!

Jillsy Girl said...

Amazing! I am most attracted to the "B" series, although I love them all.

Wonderful presentation!

maureen said...

Such lovely, lovely work. There are infinite possibilities with textures, aren't there? I'm drawn to the A series, I love the soft faded look. But of course I love using the textures that give that fibrant pop of color also.
fabulous work, pg,can't wait to see the collection.

Catherine said...

Amazing! Isn't it wonderful how many different techniques and looks you can get with different textures ~ love it!

I would have a hard time choosing a favorite ~ they all look so wonderful!

Hope you are keeping warm today!
xo Catherine

beth said...

these photos are spectacular !

paperbird said...

i am beautifully inspired here!

Gilding Lilies said...

This is so much fun to see. All the textures look great. Aren't textures magical!

Kari Desi said...

These are absolutely lovely! Gorgeous work you do!

Dagmar said...

So much loveliness..your photography is wonderful. I love the way you used Kim's textures and how you put them together. The results are so inspiring.. I am a BC gal..wintering in Az..so sorry it has been such a tough cold winter for you..I hope it is ok that I added you to my blog list! What a delightful blog! Waiting for 30/30 textures..

lisa said...

This was truly a wonderful post, and your work here is just gorgeous!!
Thank you so much for sharing.

deb colarossi said...

just takes my breath away.

I actually love the originals just as much.
Because you know how to take such gorgeous photos.


Wow these are just lovely! Your photos are amazing. So happy you're testing out Kim's textures and sharing them here - I SO look forward to seeing thte final package I'll be the first in line to purchase it! Beautiful.

Leovi said...

Beautiful light and delicious tones a very attractive.