argh. what a week.

i have had these images sitting here for days now ...
was it the -41 temps that froze our internet for too many days?
sent my hb to bed for four days with a cold?
froze the water pump?
darkened the depths of dementia for my mom?

hmmm ...

could be ... or not.
just life being life full of challenges ...
a life way more full of blessings for which to be grateful for

: )

here we are ~ a new day full of possibilities ...
the temps are going up to a sublime -2 today
hb is very much on the mend
we can bathe again
after a day together, my mom's spirits have lifted

and here i am with a hot cuppa and a bandwidth 
that will allow me to visit you ... and to upload

i am grateful.


so, please gather 'round ...

warm yourself by these sunny, dancing flame-like petals

and when you are ready

i will take you

to ... 

the cold, stark reality of last week.

sorry 'bout that
you can scroll back up if you want!

this was our minus 41 celsius morning (wind chill)

doesn't matter how you say it ... 

damn cold.

it grips me how such barren beauty can be bone chilling beautiful ...

marvelous how the winds whipped up a sea of waves

on the frozen fields ...


one week earlier in more moderate winter temps,

in the protection of the trees in our yard

laid a completely different scene

the gentler side of this season

full of hush ...


if you find yourself worn down and weary with winter
slip on over to the where i have 
something simple for you


if you find yourself chilled wherever you are today
perhaps a wee dram or two of fine scotch will warm the cockles of your heart
take pleasure in it's golden warmth as we raise our glasses
to robbie burn's 250th birthday

may the best ye hae ivver seen be the warst ye'll ivver see.
may the moose ne'er lea' yer girnal wi a tear-drap in its ee.
may ye aye keep hail an hertie till ye'r auld eneuch tae dee.
may ye aye juist be sae happie as a wuss ye aye tae be.




Purple Flowers said...

So sorry that you are dealing with the frozen tundra. Hopefully, your toes will defrost quickly. Glad your Mother is feeling better. Hope that continues.
Stay warm.

Jamie said...

Brrr!!! What a week you've had. So glad you've come through it with a great attitude.

I have to admit - I looked at your snow shots, squinted and they turned into pictures of waves on a sunny beach. What does that say about my mindset.

Joyce said...

Oh my dear friend you have had a lot on you plate. Even though it is cold, your snow photos are awesome. With the temps so cold I would be worried to take my camera out. I had it out before the holidays and I'm thinking it hasn't been the same.

An extra hug to you and your mom. Dementia is tough, my dad had it.XO...

regine said...

beautiful words and pictures! thank you so much for being an inspiration and for sharing your art.

Marcie said...

Damn cold - for sure!! Glad to hear things are warming up..and that everyone is on the mend. Such beautiful..magical winter cold images!!

kelly@thebluemuse said...

Oh my. that is colder than i have ever experienced...i love the way you juxtaposed these two photos, made me really feel the difference. -11 here this past week, a balmy 30 degrees today...i am going running to take advantage of the heatwave. hugs to you!

Anna said...

Your photos are wonderful and grateful spirit inspiring! We haven't been that cold in N. WI, but cold enough with lots of snow. Actually, I'm loving all the beautiful snow this year and it's because I started shooting - with a camera :)

Gigi said...

Oh my, I thought our -20 temps last week were bad! I've only felt -40 when I was in grad school in the mountains of Vermont. You poor babies must have been frozen. We are due for another huge snowstorm tomorrow. There's no place left to shovel the snow in our cramped city driveway, so this ought to be interesting!

Thinking of you, pg, and sending warm thoughts for brighter days. I take comfort in the few extra minutes of sunlight each day. Spring may be far away, but at least there's light. :) Besides, you manage to make even -41 look beautiful. What stunning photos. Be still my heart.

xoxo Gigi

Catherine said...

From one prairie girl to another ~ I feel your freezing pain! I live in Southwest Saskatchewan ~ we were -44c the other day. Oh but we are hardy stock to take such weather!!!

Love your photos ~ truly inspirational.

I will be back! :)

beth said...

and i thought our cold was cold.....nope. you got us way beat !!!