my one little word of the year

for this fresh clean canvas

that lays in front of me


gotta, gonna, time to 



for years now 
i have collected
i have dreamed
i have travelled the perimeter
i have gathered
i have read
i have been inspired
i keep peeking in


it's been a long long time


i need to change 
change the thinking
into doing


do more for others
do more for myself
do the dream
do the tomorrow's today


this is a tidy little word
easy to retrieve
when least retrievable



i wasn't ready to choose a word last year
until the end of the year 
when i realized
i needed
my way
through all
the challenges


so long 2010

hello 2011


i am so ready 
to do


thank you one little word for your original work with this

thank you kim klassen for taking us by the hand
and giving us gentle steps to finding
our one little word!




love to all ~ may this new year be abundant in the way you need it to be



Kim Klassen said...

oh i do...do....do.....
LOVE you.....

and your one little word.....

'sigh' and deep breath..... I am so excited.....

love to you....and more... my sweet friend.

here's to 2011......

xxo, kim

Marcie said...

What a perfectly simple..perfectly beautiful little words. So filled with possibility!!!

lisa said...

Excellent choice.
Beautiful post.
I wish you a wonderful New Year!

Jamie said...

I LOVE your word for the year! So perfect and you explained your intentions so eloquently. I finally got my word picked - just have to write my post. I'm out of the practice with the writing bit after taking a couple of weeks off - but what better way to get started.

Anna said...

Thank you for your kind welcome over at iStudio! I'm excited to be part of that creative community. Your one word post is lovely! Wishing you lots of wonderful to DOs this year. So many possibilities with that one little word!

Gigi said...

I LOVE your word! I DO! I have a very good feeling about 2011--for you for me, for all that we DO!

Thank you, my friend, for being such an inspiration. Wishing you health, joy, and many adventures in the coming year.


ELK said...

simply put .. one step at a time friend!!

abby jenkins said...

"do more for others
do more for myself
do the dream
do the tomorrow's today

do more for others, do more for myself....
that really resonates with me.
We seem to forget to take care of ourselves in all the hub bub don't we?

my word for the year is "do do" just kidding... my word of the year is "purpose" live my live with purpose, only keep things that serve a purpose..

Happy New Year and thanks for the words of wisdom

Simply Mel said...

Oh Prairie Girl ~

What a perfect word! So simple and easy but filled with such greatness! This is definitely going to be the DO year, and I am so happy to jump on this DO wagon with you!

Happy New Year to you, an incredibly inspiring soul who truly makes me want to DO, DO, DO!