an ah.artography day!

but before we begin ...

these late blooming, heavenly scented sweets are for you ... : )

as well as some thoughts about

what or who has inspired you most to live life as you do

in my post today at kim's ~

: : :

please move your mouse back and forth over the above image for the before and after!

i love white vintage ceramic ware
but, i also liked the idea of warming it up a bit
and what would do that better than texture, of course!

let's get down to the steps of how i achieved the 'after' look : )


:: original background image
:: dewy leaf image (above left)
:: kim klassen 10.10.10 texture (above right)
from kim's test kitchen collection


:: background image - adjust levels input 24 | 1.00 | 242

:: add kim klassen 10.10.10 texture - color blending - 100% opacity
i did this to even out the color and take on the color of the texture

:: add another kim klassen 10.10.10 texture - multiply blending - 51% opacity
- add layer mask - soft brush 40% the areas on the handles where the light dances

:: add the image of the dewy leaf
note: i flipped the image horizontally to utilize the most bokeh light
- luminosity blending - 72% opacity
- add layer mask - soft brush 100% the jugs and handles

:: add signature layer


one could play and play and play
to alter the look ...

what do you think?

after seeing this, would have liked to see a different step?
perhaps see the leaf image a little less prominent?
allow the texture to come through more?

what could be more exciting than 'cooking' up artography recipes?
cooking up MORE artography recipes
AND being a guest chef in kim klassen's photoshop test kitchen!
which is where i am today as well ...
preparing a three course feast!

i hope you will pop by ...

: )

remember! everything and anything you would like to learn about textures
and photo imagery and photoshop and photoshop elements
are all at kim's café
where she has some sweet giveaways just for you!



Joyce said...

The first photos is so soft and beautiful. The second one is fun, I like running my mouse over it! This looks like fun, but I'm guessing I need to know about photoshop to do this right? As always your photography is beautiful my friend. xo

Jamie said...

PG - this is so LOVELY! I can't wait till my vacation next week when I have some more free time to play around. I plan on following a few recipes from you and Kim!

Denise said...

oh......the light coming through in the first shot is so gorgeous! Amazing gorgeous pinkness!

ELK said...

such a poet in word and image ... i love coming here and that we can connect from so far away ..what joy!

Gilding Lilies said...

Beauties, one and all. You do such nice work, it's inspiring.

knack said...

I love this texture....and the fact that you provide a tutorial is AWESOME!

hope you have a super lovely weekend!

kelly@thebluemuse said...

gorgeous, i wouldn't change a thing! said...