he's of the colour of the nutmeg
and of the heat of the ginger
he is pure air and fire
and the dull elements of the earth
and water
never appear in him
but only in patient stillness
while his rider mounts him
he is indeed a horse
and all other jades
you may call beasts

william shakespeare, henry v


pears and horses?


the common thread here is nutmeg

the nutmeg texture i used to add richness, warmth and spice to this photo of pears

like the richness of nutmeg that william shakespeare 
uses to describe the beautiful horse


the art form of adding textures

to photographs

has really gripped me

so much so

that kim klassen 

has asked me to take position

of master chef in her texture test kitchen!

while i hardly deserve that kind of title

i do so love to play with her amazing textures

today, she will be taking my original pear image

and creating a number of variations of her own ...

she will have them up later today


next thursday

i will begin a weekly series

of posting before . after . and recipes

creating art from photos ...

artography, if you will ...

from the test kitchen!


today's spicy pear study

uses kim's nutmeg and wet tile textures

and a couple of other little twists ...




ELK said...

beauty and spice from your very special ktchen today PG..pears and nutmeg go so well together!!

Jamie said...

Oh wow! I can't WAIT to see what the two of you will cook up!

Gigi said...

ooooooh! SO cool! You two master chefs are sure to cook up some delicious treats for us. I love, love, love your pear photo, pg, and I, of course, love this quote.

Happy weekend, my friend! xo

margie said...

your photos are so inspirational!! i want to grab my camera and get going. looking forward to the "cook book" . you have a beautiful blog.

Brenda Kula said...

Just found you through her cafe. So lovely. You're very talented!

Jenny Schouten Short said...

Gorgeous color combination, rich. Glad you're inspired and back. I've missed you.
xo Jenny

Gilding Lilies said...

I can't wait to see. This pear photo is so beautiful.

Lori said...

Your blog is so beautiful! I love your tag line- let your little light shine. SO sweet.