and as the seasons come and go
here's something you might like to know
there are fairies everywhere
under bushes
in the air
playing games just like you play
singing through their busy day
so listen
and look around
in the air and on the ground
and if you watch all nature's things
you might just see a fairy's wing

~ author unknown


or perhaps you will see a fairy's tiara

of dew jewels

to go with yesterday's dew pearls

oh, to frolic like a fairy!


every time i think of fairies

i think of dear gigi at the magpie's fancy

and how she loves fairies so : )


have you been by to visit gigi lately?

she also loves legacies

and how they shape us

and how our legacy

will shape others ...

"and so, i decided to start a series of posts
about the objects and ideas,
the people and memories that we treasure.
from now until mid-november,
some of my blogging friends 
will be joining me on 
to talk about their own legacies"

i know gigi would love to have you visit

and join in the conversation


love to all as you dance and sing today

wearing your dew jewels



Jamie said...

What a magical photo. Love it.

Denise said...

this is so gorgeous!

S. Etole said...

takes my breath away as does the one below ...

Brenda Kula said...

I found this fairy quote recently myself, and just delighted in its lyrical tone. I love my fairy gardens, and I smile each time I think of fairies in the air, invisible to the naked eye. This photo has more jewels than any precious stone I've ever had the gift of seeing. Amazing photo!

Jenny Schouten Short said...

Your photos uplift me so.

x Jenny

Roberta T said...

I just have to comment on the photo! I remember frost on the prairies, it's like nothing else. At 15, I had a very poor camera and tried and tried to get a photo showing how beautiful it was. This is amazing,. said...

This photo is absolutely beautiful!