so grateful for percy

putting together these most lovely words

way back in 1820

so we might

smile and delight in them today ...


it is thoughtful thursday at 2bbb


join me in clinking glasses

who first introduced me to mojitos last summer ...


and to kathleen

{hope you are relaxing!}

who gave me the idea to include

a frosty refreshment

as a way to




jillsy said...

Oh my...I'm salivating on #2 but both are fantastic shots!

Aagaard Farms said...

Beautiful words, beautiful photos and a mojito is not so bad either!

Se'lah said...

aaah, feeling refreshed already.

one love.

Jamie said...

I love Shelly's words, and your amazing photos. So glad you commented over at Inspiration Studio and I followed you over to your beautiful blog.

Purple Flowers said...

You are a very poetic individual!

kaila said...

mmmm...mojitos! i'll join you for one (or a few?) anyday! =)

Diane said...

clink indeed!! What a fab photo of that mojito.

Jill said...

I just tasted a mojito for the first time this past Fri. Yummmmmeeeee! I'm loving you blog and photos! said...

beautiful - beautiful - beautiful!