do you love

a good book?

(i am notorious for reading one paragraph and falling asleep ... so i have been 'praying in india' for over a year now ... the eating was divine in italy ... definitely looking forward to indonesia ... in eat pray love ...)

: : :

good music?

(let's make that 'great' music by my all time absolute favourite violinist james ehnes, who's powerful and precise playing gives me goosebumps every time ... i have had the privilege of knowing this wonderful young man since he was 12!)

: : :

good food?

(if you are feeling a little glum about gourmet magazine going away ... take heart that there are plenty of 'the best of' gourmet cookbooks still available! yum yum.)

: : :

good giveaway?

(how about a $75. e-gift certificate to so you can buy some or all of these good things! zip on over to pj's seens from the backs of my eyelids and read all about it ... and comment to enter, of course ... bon chance!)

as martha would say ~ this is a good thing ...


My name is PJ. said...

Good post?
Read Prairie Girl Studio!

This was excellent. I've not heard of the violinist before, so I'm excited to hear him!

Thanks for mentioning my giveaway! I appreciate your support!

i brake 4 dreams said...

what a beautiful blog! thank you for such an inspiring visit!

Gigi said...

That's a wonderful book by a talented writer!

You just cheered me up about Gourmet. I hadn't even thought about all of their wonderful books.

I am so in love with your header photo, dear prairiegirl. It's always such a pleasure coming to visit you here.

xoxo Gigi

Joyce said...

Lately I have been doing the same I get a bit read and before I know I'm sleeping. Love the new header!! xoxo

Kim Klassen said...

hello pg
i agree... i love your new's gorgeous...

and yet another perfect post...
you're awesome!

xoxo kim