a song for waskada

proud just doesn't cover how i feel about my niece in her quest to win a song written especially for her home sweet home town, WASKADA, manitoba!

this little village is a speck on the vast horizon ... below the big, ever-stretching skies ...

on the most still ~ sunny day or starry night, you can hear the pump jacks hypnotically beating out a quiet rhythm ... dotting the landscape ...

every one of the 200 people who live in WASKADA and under these skies, have the biggest hearts and greatest spirit ...

it is evident in the support given to this little town (pop 200) who, just this morning is surpassing the capital of manitoba (pop 600,000) in votes in the CBC RADIO2 GREAT CANADIAN SONGQUEST ... a most heartwarming underdog story, if ever there was!

know what?

if you wanted to help this 'little town that could' in reaching it's quest, you too could vote! from anywhere in the world!

there are only two days left (today oct 22 and tomorrow oct 23) to vote and voting takes about 17 seconds ...

it's simple ~
• click on MANITOBA
• on the right, click on WASKADA
• just below, click on one of the five musicians
(the winning artist will compose and record a song specially for waskada!)
• after selecting the artist you like
(isn't it cool that you can listen to sample of their music?)

thank you from the bottom of my heart if you have a moment to support my niece and all who love WASKADA in their quest to win a song for waskada ~

prairiegirl xo

ps. when you are voting, you can click on any of the provinces or territories to vote and hear more of the incredible talent in this country ... like a nation wide folk fest!!

these five remarkable manitoba musicians are vying to be the artist who write a song about WASKADA!
(top left) the duhks . (middle top) joel kroeker . (bottom left) chic gamine . (bottom middle) nathan . (bottom right) chantal kreviazuk


bee said...

oh prairie girl... you are just a true prairie gem. thank you so much for this post, for all your help and guideance in this quest, for teaching me all the blogging tricks, for all the promotion you've done encouraging people to vote for the little town that could. love you so much. xoxo.

My name is PJ. said...

I voted! Voting is a privilege.

Who took those photos? You? They are out of this world!!!!! Me likey very, very, VERY much!

wild thyme flowers said...

Hi Prairie Girl, I love CBC Radio 2and have been following the Great Canadian Song contest Quest. I think what I really love is how much I'm finding out about all of these wonderful places all over Canada and the passion that people feel for their hometowns. Because we are such a big, big country with lots of land (and admittedly big city centric), I find that this contest is really pulling us together rather than apart. Don't you ? Good Luck Waskada !!It looks beautiful !!

wild thyme flowers said...

My dear Prairie Girl,I just noticed your post on Wild thyme. Oh my goodness, thank you soo much. Wow, I am beyond thrilled.