gift of gratitude for you

thank you thank you thank you
from the bottom of my heart
for every kind word and comment you have left here dear friends ...

i liken this world of blogging to sitting on the porch
pouring over magazines and ooo'ing and aaah'ing at all the cool things
we share in common ... or tripping about the globe together gobbling up
every beautiful bit we see ... goosebumps!

and true to good friends, even though one misses a day or two here and there
you are always there when i come back! 

the lilacs are here in full force and their intoxicating scent is filling the air ...
i wish i could send you the fragrance and maybe someday we will be able to do things like that ... but in the meantime ~ if you would like this image to place on your desktop as a bit of spring inspiration, just leave a comment and i will email you one ...

with gratitude,


pve design said...

I can almost smell the lofty scent...ahhh!

Prairie Girl Studio said...

we have lilac bushes all around the house and i have one outside the studio as well ... it's like i just can't breathe in deep enough to catch their loftiness!
thank you thank you always for commenting ~
hope your day is great in every way,