singing their hearts out!

as i strolled about the yard, breathing all it's glory in, i was so happy to see that the little buds on the double flowering plum bush survived the touch of frost the previous night ...

and i so wish i could tape for you the glorious bird song in our yard the last two mornings ... especially after wednesday's bit of rain ... mornings of bright sunshine and calm winds ... our feathered friends are in their glory!

my dad built the above teeny house years and years ago for a jenny wren in their yard ... i just found it the other day and put it on the side of the shed where i can watch it out my studio window ... hopefully a little jenny will find this a cozy place to nest ...

the hummingbird buzzed me to say 'i'm back and thirsty' ... the goldfinches are flitting about gleefully ... i wish i could have caught a few pics but they were all too busy to sit still!

so ... because i wasn't able to actually capture any of our birds with my camera, i thought i would share these delightful beauties ~ 'birds on berry tree - nagomi' by naokosstoop ... don't you sometimes wonder what birds are twittering about?

soon all the nests in the woods will be brimming with new life ...

speaking of twittering ... i thought this might be an appropriate spot to announce that i've joined the twitter world ... bear with me ... i'm just getting my 'wings'!

happy day everyone ~ may you all have a song in your heart!


M said...

Love your blog!
Have a lovely weekend!

Laura Trevey said...

I love how you tied in your bird post with Twitter!!

so cute :)
Have a great weekend ~~

xo Laura

lily pottery said...

hello! thanks for visiting my blog, i adore your blog and so glad to find you in the blog world :)
i wish you the best and your asparagus looks oh so yummy :) happy gardening!

Prairie Girl Studio said...

thank you so much for your comments!
really happy that you are enjoying my blog ... it is such a wonderful place to share and meet ...
tweet tweet,

RKB said...

May I use your bird's nest photograph for our website? (

I would of course give credit and a link.

If it would be okay, please email me at