a few of my favourite things

giving . caring . letting your little light shine

although this clip is an AT&T ad, it is more about tomshoes and the beautiful thing he is doing for others ... i could just hug him! 

thank you pve for playing footsie and sharing this ... and yes, i very much like the mango shoes as well!


every spring the seed packets are as inspiring to me as planting the seeds! 

then i saw these stunning replicas, which are really the clever creations of ragged roses ~ pretty little lavendar sachets designed to look just like vintage French seed packets!
via designer's block

my children

who played in my garden and grew to now be 21 and 17 and 17! 
happy spring birthdays my three sons ...


the universal language ... this gives me goosebumps ... thanks hubby who always stands by me ...

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Carols Time Again Treasures said...

3 little carefree boys playing in the garden. How could that not be a favourite. Love the "seed packet" sachets. What a neat gift idea.

Will be back to visit often.