oh my, dear ollee n bee ~

i've just got to get back on my horse! isn't this the perfect start?

thanks to mademoiselle poirot : )

i will be back with another note today, promise!

happy sunday morn,

. . .

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Bee said...

indeed, a perfect start to a sleepy sunday morning! love, and many many happy molecules to you!


Marcie said...

What fun!! And such a perfect way to start the day. Love the creative sketch!

ollee said...

Happy Sunday, pg :)

An absolutely excellent start to Sunday. This morning, I was reading an old copy of Gourmet with my brew and came across this and thought of you and miss bee:

At the breakfast table in a bathrobe, in the office amid too much paper, in a land where the language makes no sense, the morning cup of coffee is a foolproof return to the sure --and harbinger of a fresh new day.

Nice to see you back: we missed you!