hello dear ollee n bee ~

i think, by now, you know me well enough to know that most of my images are of gentle, earthy tones.

generally, i love to photograph natural beauty in natural light.

i tend to feel most drawn to and comfortable with the hues of the natural world.

give me rich earth browns, pretty sky blues and fresh green grasses and golden fields.

but then?

sometimes a colour will P O P out at me and i love it! sarah ban breathnach encourages her readers in simple abundance to not ignore that pull to the colour. go out and find it! put it on you, your wall, your table ... and simply rejoice in your courage!

as i get older, i am more drawn to colour and almost feel like the choice is a celebration. i am not sure where we go from brightly clothed little people. does society and commercialism steer us in directions that aren't really us? interesting. something i've been thinking about.

as only synchronicity can, llona royce smithkin was introduced to me just today ...

it's a wonderful thing not to need to have something
~ illona royce smithkin

her colour of spirit is infectious ~ the most brilliant colour of all.

swing it baby ~


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