dear ollee n bee ~

twenty two years ago this very day, we moved into our house.

a very fine house.

it came with a cat named pud.

mr. k lit a fire.

i placed flowers in a vase that i bought that day.

we had nearly no furniture (and now we have nearly no room ; )

we slept on the floor in front of the fireplace that night.

since then we raised three boys, have had cats and dogs and hedgehogs and mice and yes, even a yucky elephant in the room, as there must be in any relationship at times.

it's our anniversary.

somehow we're still singing our song ...

a very grateful and lucky girl,

. . .

sixty | three.sixtyfive

. . .

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Bee said...

the combination of that beautiful photo, that music, and your wonderfully-woven words... just makes me cry. in addition to being grateful, be proud of all you have done to make that house a home. i can close my eyes and be there - in that beautiful oasis of a home, yard, and studio that you have created! love you...