and thank you for a house full of people i love. amen.
~ terri guillemets

dear ollee n bee ~

five little people etched in silver. one little girl and four little guys. there was only one like it in the shop as if it was always only meant to have one owner. not frodo, nor gollum or anyone in middle earth would possess it ever. it deemed to be for this girl right here ~ a ring signifying my four boys and i ~ our family and gosh, i love it dearly.

have you ever had times when you feel incredible fulfillment during a spell of significant lack? sounds a little confusing perhaps but i liken it to the cloud with silver lining. even in the toughest times, there can be moments of great exultation. 

march holds sadness as it is the month my brother rjs passed away. but march holds great gladness as it marks the birthday of my oldest brother, slick. a year ago, my mom spent the last two weeks of march, the last two weeks of her life in hospital before slipping away the second day of april. we celebrated her life in the season of hope, with the message of hope which was her single expressive wish.

last weekend, mr k and i spent a night with my brother slick and sister-in-law, miss lynda loo. this weekend we spent one evening visiting with mr. k's three brothers and newest nephew ~ the house was packed with cousins and grandma and sister-in-laws and sons and grandkids. today saw a luncheon with more of mr k's family. next weekend, our home will be overflowing with family festivities as our children, sweet niece and partner, brother and sister-in-law gather to celebrate being together for easter, but more just because we love each other so.

even though this time of year can tug so hard on our hearts with loss, there are so many reminders of how much there is to be grateful for ~ so many many reasons to celebrate who we are and who we are with right now, and to celebrate those who have gone before us. 

we lose. we gain. we grow. we are family.

lucky fishes,

. . . | three.sixty.five

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Marcie said...

This is so beautiful - the flip side of sorrow is gratitude and joy. Your words ring so honest and true.