dear ollee 'n bee ~

i think of you every market day and wonder what tantalizing tidbits of deliciousness you might discover to take home and create in your kitchens.

this sweet little mortar and pestle, given to me by someone so special, sits on the counter holding garlic bulbs and a dried hot chile eagerly awaiting to be added to the dish of the day.  it simply makes me happy and inspires me to get cooking!

and so does this ...

one day i was tumbling about tumblr and stumbled across this scrumptious image and immediately sought out the source. can i just say that i am now a drooling fan of peter at souvlaki for the soul who serves up unbelievably delightful dishes accompanied by divine imagery!

i am fairly certain my favourite greek girl, aunti maria, would highly approve. hmmm, i may need a tad bit of help with some of the pronunciation ~ kolokithokeftedes is a toughy ... : )

maybe peter has some ideas for something you pick up at the market today ~ yum!

in closing, my lovelies is a touch of spring. did you know that tomorrow is april 1st? yes! no foolin!

after a few grey days, the skies have cleared and it is like everything is springing alive today! the robins are back by the flock. my favourite sign of spring is the joyous song of the meadowlark. last evening i am sure i heard a killdeer! the beetles are moseying over the greening grass ... and high in the sky, in the warm breeze, i can hear the sandhill cranes crooning. pure bliss.

oh! and ladybugs! they are dotting the ceiling of my studio ... except this fella who showed me his best side ... : )

happy day ~


Joyce said...

Where do the days go as they speed ahead. Beautiful photos. xo

Jamie said...

I'm convinced there is nothing more beautiful that the early days of spring.

Gigi Thibodeau said...

Dearest one, these photos and your words are beautiful. Love that you're back here. Love that you're making magic. Loved your amazing message tonight in my inbox. Love you. xoxo g