talking good for your soul, tasty colours
at the today
: )

something else good for your soul?
today and every day




thank you loveliest bee for sharing


thank you all so SO much for all your kind words
regarding my tea cup study ...
truly, my kettle is always whistling!

: )



Jillsy Girl said...

I saw this on a blog yesterday. Powerful!!

Love your soft and dreamy image!

Jamie said...

Can't wait to head over to i-Studio today. Doesn't Mr Craig look amazing?

ELK said...

a gentle reminder . special friend~

Catherine said...

What a powerful message ~ thank you for sharing!
xo Catherine

Anna said...

Thank you so much for sharing this clip! I plan to show it to our daughter. It's amazing how far women have come and even more amazing, sad, and appalling, how far we have yet to journey along this path toward equality.